Morning WoWS Q&A – 17th August 2015

Let’s cook some ammo first >:P

The answers are from a developer who spoke with the players.

Q1: Are new branches of US and Japanese fully ready?

A1: The branches are ready, but the ships are not completed yet.

Q2: When we will see the Soviet tree in the game?

A2: The Soviet fleet is already designed. The first branch of Soviet ships (Destroyers) will appear in October. Soviet cruisers are also already modelled but they will be released a little later.

Q3: Will the new Soviet and German branches have historical artillery? (calibres, range).

A3: Calibres – yes. On the other hand, when it comes to range, we take into account the game mechanics.

-We will soon post detailed information regarding the branches of the German cruisers. On the other hand, the top-tier German BB will be the greatest ship ever designed (Seb: in paper).

Q4: What can you say about German aircraft carriers and destroyers?

A4: German destroyers will have powerful guns. As for aircraft, I cannot say anything – it is too early for that.

-We will try to implement the British tree next year.

-New aircraft will appear in 2016.

Q5: Do you plan to change US aircraft carriers?

A5: There are no plans.

Q6: Why are premium ships so expensive? What is the point of buying?

A6: The premium ships presented in-game have raised profitability of credits and experience. They also allow officer training without any penalities, provide excellent gameplay, as well as being famous from an historical point of view. This is the meaning.

 – In order to inflict damage to a module, you must either directly hit it or have damage resulting from the explosion (torpedo, bomb, shell). If nuances are omitted, any damage inflicted by a unit leads to the probability calculation, and when the damage exceeds the strength of the module, it is destroyed in its entirety.

-In time, armor values (& penetration ones) will be added in the game client.

Q7: Can we expect night maps and extreme weather conditions?

A7: We work in this direction, but this is not the highest priority

Q8: Do you intend to reduce the number of draws at high tiers?

A8: From version to version the number of draws decreases. We achieve this through changes to gameplay mechanics.

Q9: Are you planning optimization for weak computers as it was made in World of Tanks?

A9: Minimum requirements are given on the game website. At the lowest settings we have 30 fps. Incidentally, note the released official Modpack. Perhaps useful to you in some fashion.

-On mods: they will work the current way they do now. Same with the knots/km distance measurments.

Q10: What criteria must be met to get a ban on live chat?

A10: A ban chat is imposed for violations of the game. To get a ban, just use obscene language twice or more times. With each subsequent ban, the ban period will extend twice. As a result, we wanted to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for chatting – we do not tolerate disrespect and rudeness. We do not transform the chat into a garbage dump. As a last resort, if bans do not solve the problem, we will find another solution.

-We are still working on improving the graphics.