Gamescom Q&A and Pictures!

-New camouflage models will appear;

-Arty Rebalance ETA: 2016

-On Submarines in WoWS: Before we said no, now we are thinking about it.

-We think about the Cruiser class separation into light and heavy cruisers;

-If the Master of Orion game will have success on PC, it will appear on other platforms too.

-At this point, we finished 4 races out of 10 in Master of Orion.

-The Czechoslovak toptier will have good DPM.

-The fate of the T-25 premium was not decided yet; (Seb: hey WG I have that tank thanks to one of my readers do not dare to nerf it!)

-The 3 new maps will appear in one patch.

-Exclusive WoT Xbox camouflage schemes will appear in the future. Just like the FCM 50t or the Superpershing.

-Bonus codes will be redesigned;

-Lunar mode for Xbox went very well, we have a few more options in our pocket. Yes, I think we have something good to show you.

Known Czechoslovak tanks:

Skoda T-40 (prem-tank)

Tier 1: Kolohousenka
Tier 2: LT. VZ 35
Tier 6: T-25
Tier 10: TVP T50 / 51



Lt vz. 35:


TVP T-50/51:

Skoda T-40:

Stay tuned!