Xbox WoT Update 2.0 Patchnotes

Update 2.0 Key Features
All Platforms:
•    Welcome to the first title with cross-platform play between Xbox 360 and Xbox One!
•    One account sign in:
•    Freedom to play on any platform – no progress will be lost if you go back and forth between platforms
•    All existing Xbox Live accounts will seamlessly work on Xbox 360 and Xbox One
•    Another World of Tanks Console first: voice chat between platforms via Vivox integration
•    Also a first, your achievements transfer between platforms
•    Tank Tree Progression Indicator
•    Marks of Excellence Medals (no tank art, yet!)
•    Similar to Mastery badges: use player damage + assist damage instead of experience earned

The Proving Grounds game mode is here! Use any class or tier in your Garage and take on appropriately tiered AI opponents.

•    Abbey – Standard Battle
•    South Coast – Assault (Defense)
•    Himmelsdorf – Encounter
•    Arctic Region – Hunt the E-100
•    Pacific Island – Island Race
•    Karelia – Assault (Offense)
•    Battle for Mines (Available during Minimum Download)

 New Main Menu as the first screen before the garage.

  • Multiplayer
  • Platoon
  • Team Training
  • Proving Grounds

New Achievements

•    Chinese Collection: Research a light, medium, and heavy Chinese tank – 20pts
•    Boom Goes the Dynamite: Destroy an enemy tank at full health with one shot – 20pts
•    Up to the Challenge: Win in four different PvE matches – 10pts
•    Under the Gun: Win in four different PvE matches with a tank that is tier VI or lower – 20pts
•    David and Goliath: Destroy an enemy tank at least two tiers higher than your own – 30pts
•    My House Now!: Destroy two enemy tanks from within an enemy capture point – 20pts
•    Living on the Edge: Win a match with 5% or less HP – 10pts
•    ‘Murica: Destroy four enemy tanks in a single match while using an American tank – 40pts
•    Tank Ace: Earn the Ace Tanker Mastery Badge – 30pts
•    Let ’em have it: Destroy two different enemy tanks with two different types of ammo in one match – 20pts
•    One Man Army: Earn 2x more XP than the 2nd best player on your team – 30pts
•    We Can Re-build Him: Repair 1,500 HP of damage on a tank after a single battle – 20pts

New Xbox One Founder’s Pack tanks
•    T95E2 – Assault Pack
•    AMX Chaffee – Vanguard Pack
•    MTLS-1G14 – Bonus tank if you buy the Battalion Pack
Xbox One
Xbox One Exclusives
•    All assets from tanks to buildings have been recreated from the ground up to be in High Definition – That’s 350 vehicles and over 1,000 map assets!

•    Exclusive Xbox One Garage – The Garage camera on Xbox One lets you get really close to the tanks for added detail on HD tanks

•    You can now view your Service Records from the Post Battle Results Screen
•    Twitch Streaming available from your Options Menu
•    Access and view the Leaderboards from the Xbox One Dashboard
•    View your Achievements and Challenges from Options Menu
•    New Game Help system from Options Menu
•    Web portal stats available in Snap View
•    New timed Challenges that award concept art
•    8X the texture resolution of Xbox 360 tanks
•    Up to 50,000 polygons per tank
•    Volumetric lighting and fog FX
•    HBAO – Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion for more detailed lighting and shadowing
•    Physically Based Rendering
•    3D vistas for every environment that really ground you in the world
•    Higher resolution trees and vastly improved culturals at a far draw distance
•    Flow maps for cloud, wind, and cultural movements.
•    Improved effects – the Xbox One can handle a higher particle count with greater resolution
•    Enhanced explosion effects
•    Enhanced battle damage effects to tanks
•    Volumetric smoke and explosions
•    The sound for World of Tanks on Xbox One has been fully revamped
•    Tank engine sounds have been recorded live at a tank yard in the Midwest, cannon fire and explosions amplified to further immerse the player in the battle
•     These audio enhancements are not exclusive and will also be added to the Xbox 360 version
Major Changes
•    Tutorial missions and tutorial videos now found in “Proving Grounds” mode (by selecting the “Training” option / icon in the carousel)
•    Tank Practice modes are now located in Training while in Proving Grounds mode
•    Tank Practice now features select Premium vehicles to try out.
•    New Garage Help Screen Tutorial for new players
•    Audio updates to Ensk – War!, Fisherman’s Bay, Fisherman’s Bay – War!, Mountain Pass, Mountain Pass – Snow, and Abbey – Night
•    Better / improved inscription and emblem auto-camera
•    The 37mm T16 gun on the M5 Stuart was modified to fire its 5 shells in 5 separate rounds, rather than slowly firing a single burst of 5 shells
•    Self splash damage disabled from high-explosive rounds
Map Rotation
Each map in the Xbox One version of the game is literally being built from scratch to take advantage of the console’s graphical capabilities. We’d like to assure all of our players that we’ll be releasing the remaining maps into the game as quickly as possible over the coming months. And, as an added benefit, the maps that will be receiving a visual upgrade on Xbox One will also be enhanced when we re-release them for Xbox 360.
•    Karelia, Province, Province – Night, Himmelsdorf, Himmelsdorf – Night, Prokhorovka, Prokhorovka – Night, Ensk, Ensk – War!, Mines, Mines – Rain, Erlenberg, Widepark, Widepark – Rain, Abbey, Abbey – Night, Pacific Island, Sand River, Sand River – Night, El Halluf, El Halluf – Rain, Redshire, Fisherman’s Bay, Fisherman’s Bay – War!, Mountain Pass, Mountain Pass – Snow, Arctic Region, South Coast, Highway, Pearl River
Additional Changes
All Platforms
•    Sharper icons for vehicle stat bars in the Garage
•    New art for vehicle Mastery Badges
•    Player’s destroyed vehicles are now outlined for clarity during the postmortem kill camera
Xbox One
•    Fire FX have been updated
•    Tread in water FX have been updated
•    Adjustments made to the lighting of Himmelsdorf – Night
•    Pearl River cultural optimizations
•    Himmelsdorf vista optimizations
Minor Changes (Bugs)
All Platforms
•    Fixed an incomplete sentence typo in the Crew help screen and loading screen
•    Ops help screen now has the correct Bonus Op icon
•    User is no longer returned to the Training Menu when quitting a match in Tank Practice
•    Fixed an issue where the number of Platoon members ready wouldn’t update
•    Fixed improper package lines in the M4 Sherman and T20 package menus
•    Fixed a few rare instances where UI assets would disappear after changing options
•    Detailed Report no longer overlaps with Team Score when rapidly closing and reopening or on controller disconnect
•    Fixed extra UI elements showing briefly at the beginning of the PBRS (Post Battle Results Screen)
•    The Raseiniai Heroes’ Medal no longer appears smaller than other medals in the PBRS
•    Fixed some incorrect sound cues in the PBRS
•    Camouflage Net now referenced properly in the Equipment help screen
•    Several localization fixes to Russian, Korean and Japanese
•    The T25/2 is now properly referenced as a tank destroyer in the description
•    The loading screens for Tank Practice now properly show the tank practice game mode
•    Demolition Expert and Spotter now properly show up in Show All Medals
•    Platoon members’ numbers and icons correctly display in the PBRS
•    All maps should now show the black and white map border
•    Fixed a typo in the ‘It Burns!’ achievement
•    Tank explosion audio now plays properly when a tank is destroyed by fire or impact
•    Longer vehicle names no longer overlap with other UI elements in Team Training
Xbox One
•    Reduced required MTU size from 1500 in Open Beta Test to 1364 that was causing the G22 error for some players
•    Many bug fixes to vehicle models and FX such as wrong treads, wheel issues, and improper placement of camo/emblems/inscriptions
•    Many fixes to level assets such as floating culturals and lighting
•    Fixed square exhaust textures on vehicles
•    Fixed white transparency on bushes and fallen trees
•    Fixed garage camera FOV malfunction when viewing inscriptions and emblems
•    Xbox Live Silver users now properly see ‘Upgrade to Xbox Live Gold’ in options
•    Controller configurations will now save when players exit the game
•    Cross-server invites should now load the invited player into the proper server
Xbox 360
•    Fixed the shiny motorcycle in the Garage