WG Labs – Wargaming Innovation Center

Website: http://wglabs.ru/ (only in Russian unfortunately)

Brick-building in Cyprus has ended, so WG decided to invest their money in something serious: WG Labs. It will deal with innovative ideas and developements, that go beyond the war theme.


WG Labs – the laboratory of Wargaming which aims to cultivate innovative solutions for the video game industry and implement original projects in wargaming development studios and collaborate with external commands.

The laboratory serves as a springboard for young and ambitious developers. Here talent and enthusiasm are combined with many years of expertise to build Wargaming and the distribution of video games. The original and bold ideas, combined with the company’s experience, knowledge of the subtle mechanisms of monetization and audience of millions that WG has open great prospects to third-party developers and employees.

WG Labs brings together professionals whose projects are able to set the pace of the game industry, and provide employees and third-party commands the conditions and expertise for prototyping, testing, and the implementation of high-tech products, the development of non-standard game mechanics and business models.

You have a new game, or promising prototype class service for gamers? Then contact us to help your project to the next level. The WG Labs no restrictions on platforms.