Italian WoWS Tech Tree Part 15: Planes

Another post from our good friend, Daemon93! You can find the rest of the series in the history section.


NOTE: my idea for the planes carried by the carriers is to have fighter bombers only as much as possible. There are a few reasons behind this choice:

1)Italy relied heavily on fighter bombers, strapping bomb on whatever plane available

2)The Italian carriers were supposed to provide first and foremost AA cover, they weren’t intended to be heavy hitters on their own(hence why both Sparviero and Aquila were supposed to carry only Re.2001s)

3)It would be an unique flavor with the ability to use the planes available both as fighters or as dive bombers, depending on the situation.

4)The number of planes carried was quite limited and having planes able to fulfill multiple roles would somewhat solve this problem

The only issue is that i don’t know if the game will be allowed(technically). From a balance point of view having full fighters or full dive bombers shouldn’t be that OP because you gain flexibility but you would be like a jack of all trade master of none(so specialized planes will be superior).

Historical projects

G.50 A/N

A project which was developed for Svarviero and Aquila. Considering how the planes are currently placed finding a spot for this particular aircraft will be quite challenging, being too strong for the fighters carried by the tier VI CVs but too weak to compete against the ones carried by the tier VII(considering the upgraded ones). It would act as a fighter-bomber(something which in theory would give an unique flavor to the Italian CV line and would somewhat compensate for the lack of numbers), being able to carry out both the role of the fighter and of the dive bombers(with a 250 kg bomb as payload).


The plane which was picked for the Italian carriers. It would placed at tier VII(upgraded) and tier VIII(stock). Compared to the counterparts(F4F3 and A6M2) it would be weaker as a fighter(having a lighter armament) but it would compensate its inferiority as a fighter with the ability to carry a considerable payload. This plane was able to carry a standard 250 kg or a 640 kg AP bomb, derived from the 15″ shells of the 381/50(the gun of the Littorio-class) or a 600 kg torpedo. Ideally it would be the only type of plane carried by the carriers(being able to fulfill all the roles)