Turan 3 Prototype

So, new tank around the corner (supertest, duh)! The Turn 3 Prot is an upcoming German tier V premium medium tank (BloodSnow: It is actually a Hungarian tank, but it will be added to the German line), like the T-25. Let’s take a look at how it looks and performs! Source:  wot-news.com

3D Render:

germany-g116_turan_iii_prot_4_1438277038            germany-g116_turan_iii_prot_2_1438277038


Armor layout:

germany-g116_turan_iii_prot_arm_1 germany-g116_turan_iii_prot_arm_2

And finally, the long awaited specifications. The tank seems to be packing the L/55 75mm cannon. Also, something that I noticed is that the tank doesn’t get any preferential matchmaking, unfortunately. It can be matched with tier VII as well.

Penetration (I’m guessing AP shells): 113 mm

Damage (per hit): 110 health points

DPM: 1720,7

Module damage: 100

Reload time: 3,836

Fire rate: 15,643

Shell flight speed: 770 m/s

Engine power: 260 HP

Hull armor (F/S/R): 75/35/15 (?)

HP: 570
Engine: 260 hp
Mass: 20 tonnes
Power-to-weight: 13 hp/ton
Max speed: 40/20 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 34 deg/s
Turret traverse speed: 29,2 deg/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,959/1,151/1,726
View range: 330 m
Radio range: 636,6 m

Hull armor: 50/25/? mm
Turret armor: 75/35/? mm

75 mm gun
Alpha Damage: 110
Penetration: 113 mm
Rate Of Fire: 15,643 shots/minute
Damage Per Minute: 1720,7
Reload time: 3,836 seconds
Accuracy: 0,374 m
Aimtime: 2,4 seconds

Stats edited by Seb.