Bismarck coming in + Patchnotes


The development team is constantly at work, updating and fixing the game based on your stellar feedback. This is the full list of changes in the upcoming client update.

Main changes:

  • German ships (Tirpitz, Bismarck, Dresden, Hermelin) have been added into the game client for testing purposes. You may see them in the battle, but they are not available for research or purchase.


  • On the “Two Brothers” map, removed invisible barrier in the square E5.


  • Fixed improper distribution of consumables on keys “R”, “T”, “Y” in the game.
  • Added consumable “Hydroacoustic Search” on the following ships – Kuma, Furutaka, Phoenix, Omaha, Murmansk, Marblehead, Marblehead (Lima) – starting with the stock configuration.
  • Fixed lettering squares on the mini-map, in the loading-screen, not matching with the tactical and mini-map in battle.
  • Fixed the display of the British nation tab during the transition to the tech-tree when Warspite is chosen. Now the player gets to the first tab on the list which is the Japanese nation tab.


  • Fixed an error which in some cases led to the game client crashing when entering the queue for the battle.
  • Fixed an error where while in the countdown screen before the battle, the ship models were cut off at the approach.
  • Fixed an error which led to the inability to recruit a commander for the ship when one of the ships was in battle.
  • Fixed a graphical artifact that led to the camera going underwater when in binocular mode on the Tachibana and Tachibana Lima.