Storm Q&A

-Should we expect night battles for the PC version? A: I do not know. And do you need them? Are they better than day battles? (Seb: well they are, this is the only way to use the lights and night devices on almost every tank). First we have to make conventional maps, and then engage in „such nonsense”.

-What is Arty going to do in the future? A: I will not unveil any details in order to not cause massive whine. We first make prototypes, then supertest them, then use them in a common test, and only after that they can enter the game.

-Any change in the MM that will take the players skill in the smallest degree, will be interpreted immediately as: „MM throws crayfish in my team!” (Seb: crayfish=tomato noob)

Now, without taking into account the skill in the MM, the theories that “everything is done specifically to degrade my victory percent” are so common that even Storm becomes afraid.

-Weak players should have fun in the game too.

-I agree that the work shall be high-quality work. And I know we are doing a good quality work.

-I like the chat, even if I do not write anything in it.

– WoT on Xbox One – Ah, no comment. Americans have done well and we did not. So, of course, the details are not all as good as it looks (and textures there  are 2k by the way), but overall well done.