Storm Q&A

-British toptier tanks will be replaced after the Japanese heavies are implemented;

-Japanese heavies will come as planned;

-On Gold – even we are discussing what and how we do it.

-T57, FV183, SU-122-44, are in particular the least historical tanks in-game.

-The size of 9.10 will likely be almost the same as 9.9;

-13-15 HD models per patch is not the maximum limit;

-All the problems of the Stalingrad map were fixed a long time ago;

Messages about platoons (spam) – it is an open question.

-We are thinking about what to do with the Highway map;

-Having completely impenetrable tanks is „very sad”

One thought on “Storm Q&A

  1. I still feel that the Type 2605 needs its old dpm and maybe an increase of HP to like 3200…idk maybe the gun\’s soft stats will be good, but that\’s doubtful. Still an interesting tank as long as they don\’t nerf it down.

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