War Thunder – [Development] Enduring Confrontation

Pilots! Especially for those of you who have yearned for long and dynamic air battles, we are pleased to announce that we are developing a new game mode for update 1.51 “Cold Steel” that will allow you to play for several hours, allowing an unlimited number of revivals. In this game mode, players can connect to the battle at any time (except for game sessions that have ended). In this game mode, there are specific objectives that have been created, and players will have multiple tasks that they will need to complete: for fighters – to destroy all enemy aircraft; for attackers – to destroy all enemy AAA; for bombers – to bomb enemy strategic targets. As well as this, we are developing more combat missions and creating additional tactical situations., which will become available to players from time to time.

The more a team destroys enemy aircraft and ground targets, captures strategic areas, and completes other additional tasks, the more points that team will receive, hence drawing them closer to victory.

Players that first join one of these battles must start out by using lower tiered aircraft for their team. More powerful aircraft will be available after some time. For successful actions during the battle, this time will be reduced; in other words, to be able to fight with more powerful vehicles, you must first show that you are useful for your team on lower tiered or “wicked/poor” aircraft. Higher tiered vehicles will be available after some time. After flying with an aircraft, vehicles of this type and levels will be locked for some time (so the player must change the type or level of their intended vehicle, as opposed to using the same thing again and again).

  • Joining one of these battles will be possible at any time, except for the last 5 minutes before the mission ends.

  • Players who are not active (not joining in the battle for longer than 60 seconds) will be removed from the game session.

The first players who can enjoy the new game mode “Endless sessions”, will be those who play Realistic and Simulator Battles in the Tab “Events”. We are looking for your feedback, which is going to be crucial for the development of this game mode.