Get a Permanent FV201 (A45) + T1E6 on NA Server!

Get the A45

Starts Wednesday, July 1, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends Saturday, August 1, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

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Freedom to Play Missions

Freedom to Play

Collect a total of 45 Keys by completing the Freedom to Play: Single, Double and Quad missions or by purchasing them in the Premium Shop.

Rewards: Rent the FV201 A45 (TLV) for 8 Days
Vertical Stabilizer Mk. 2
  • Once per account

Freedom to Play: Single/Double/Quad

Earn 15, 000 XP in any number of battles.

• Single: Rewards 1 FTP Key and more!
•• Double: Rewards up to 2 FTP Keys and more!
•••• Quad: Rewards up to 4 FTP Keys and more!
  • See calendar graphic for availability of these missions.
  • Random battles only
  • Once per day

This is My A45!

Earn 200,000 XP and destroy 200 enemy vehicles over any number of battles while driving the FV201 (A45).

Reward: +15% XP Booster (Duration: 2 hours, Expires: September 1)
  • Random battles
  • Once per account

A45, I Choose You!

Complete both Freedom to Play and This is My A45

Complete Freedom to Play and purchase the A45 Premium Shop License

Reward: FV201 (A45) + Garage Slot
  • Once per account

Rewarding Your Progress!

Freedom To Play Rewards

Play a battle, and complete the Freedom To Play: Single, Double or Quad missions the following number of times:

FTP Reward 1: 2 Days of Premium
FTP Reward 5: +5% XP Booster (Duration: 6 hours; Expires: Sept. 1)
FTP Reward 10: Barrack Slots x 16
FTP Reward 15: +50% Crew XP Booster (Duration: 6 hours; Expires: Sept. 1)
FTP Reward 20: Garage Slot + Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
FTP Reward 25: +20% Free XP Booster (Duration: 6 hours; Expires: Sept. 1)
FTP Reward 30: 1 Day of Premium + Improved Ventilation Class 3
FTP Reward 35: +10% Credit Booster (Duration: 6 hours; Expires: Sept. 1)
FTP Reward 40: T1E6 + Garage Slot

Each mission may be completed once per account.