Another Yuri Pasholok Q&A

I was expecting this 😀

Q1: Were other SPG/Arty projects based on the Churchill?

A: Churchill Gun Carrier, which is already in-game.

Q2: Will there be informations published about the Chinese wonder weapons (T-34-x, 11x and 12x) or is the information coded by the Chinese authorities?

A: We recieved interesting submissions from our partners, but I hope that their historians will publish a book soon, their stories are very interesting.

Q3: Why there is no information on the Internet about the Object 430 II? Was it real or just a drawing?

A: There were two Object 430 variants being discussed IRL. The correspondence is in the Economics archive.

Q4: How real is the FV304? It is such a small vehicle, yet there can enter 6 people!

A: In general, no one thought about how 3 people can fit into Matildas turret.

Q5: 121 and 121B, which one of these tanks was built with actual steel?

A: WZ-121. It was called Type 69 by the factory. It was too modified to carry the Chinese 100mm gun and other new systems.

Q6: Is there any info about the Blohm und Voss 1961?

A: Very little. But if necessary, we can restore the appeareance somewhat.

Q7: Were there any plans for an IS-3 with a BL-9 gun? Also an IS-4 with an M-62 gun.

Not quite real ones. There was a gun named BL-13 designed for heavy tanks in 1945, at the facility with the number 260.

Q8: Did there exist an IS-2 with an 152 mm gun?

A: No, of course.

-there are no more tanks for another German branch, most of them were made premiums and the Tier X is lacking.

Q9: Do we know something about the French TD projects? Lorraine Canon DAssaut de 105 and de 120, respectively the post-war drawings of the PT-ACS. Will those be part of the second French TD branch?

A: At the moment – we do not have enough info.

Lorraine Canon D’assaut AMX Canon D’assaut de 105 AMX Canon D’assaut de 120-There are several ELC-AMX alike tanks from FCM and ARL, but they have several barrels and cannot be implemented (Seb: literally „banned” – quite a creepy word for a tank, I really hope the translation is wrong)

Q10: Do we have a branch of British lights until tier 8? How much do we have to wait for it?

A: The branch was assembled a long time ago. They will come soon™ (Seb: not sure about that, I am pretty tired. But the assembled proposition is 100% true)

Q11: What is the progress on restoring the Maus at the Kubinka museum?

A: The project is closed and work is not underway. No idea what will happen from now on – WG is engaged only as a group of volunteers.

There were several other questions I could not translate – most of them not very important.

See ya! Excuse any mistakes, I am very tired.