WoWS Public Test 0.4.0 Coming Soon – & New Features!

The public test starts this weekend on June 19 and it will run until June 21.

Download TEST Client – only WoWS accounts with access to the CBT can play it

What to expect from 0.4.0

The upcoming update is a big one, so you might want to read up on all the features that are coming to World of Warships. We are talking about prototype camouflage for your ships, new abilities (consumables) for your commanders and streamlined skill system – and that’s not all. Below you will find a rundown of all the major additions, while the full version of the developer bulletin found its way onto our blog. Here we go…

New Consumables

We can hardly imagine a destroyer without a smoke screen or a battleship which cannot repair herself on the move with the Repair work consumable. Starting with the 0.4.0 update, ships will have up to four slots, letting you pick and choose which consumables to bring with you into battle. Currently only cruisers are spoiled for choice, but that will change in the future.

Now each type of consumable will have its upgraded version – boasting shorter cooldowns thus letting everyone play more effectively. Unlike their standard counterparts, however, these need to be resupplied after each battle, even if not used.

Anybody who thinks Reconnaissance Aircraft should get a nice buff, raise your hands. We thought so. This consumable will now be divided into two types: Spotting Aircraft and Fighters – both will be available for battleships, the former now extending the effective firing range of main batteries; while most cruisers will only be able to launch the latter, which will be playing a reconnaissance role as well as fighting off pesky bombers.

Did we say new consumables? Yes, we did! Destroyers are getting an Engine Boost consumable, which increases their top speed as well as acceleration and breaking. Cruisers, on the other hand, will get Hydroacoustic Search ability, which temporarily raises the absolute detection range on which you can spot enemy torpedoes and ships. Not only that, this consumable will allow you to see through smoke screen, forcing enemies to quickly change their plans and flee.


Alpha testers might already be familiar with in-game camouflage, which first came together with Iwaki Alpha, a gift vessel for active participation in Closed Alpha test. In Update 0.4.0, we are implementing this concept by introducing one type of “spotted camouflage” for CBT participants. You will be able to apply this camouflage on any ship with varying patterns on vessels of different nations. A camouflaged ship will get a bonus to her concealment properties in a battle and enemies firing at her will have slightly reduced accuracy.

Improved and New Commander Skills

Being able to train your commander is just another nice layer of customization that we are offering in the game and Update 0.4.0 will bring welcome changes and revisions of this feature based on your feedback. Number of irrelevant skills will be removed (Aerial Reconnaissance waves goodbye) and some will be replaced. Of course, that’s not all – we are introducing 7 new skills to spice up the skill tree and make your choices further reflect your playstyle. Would you like to know more? There is a full list of new skills in our developer blog.

And More: Ships, Maps, Interface Modifications…

A new map, named Two Brothers, will be added to the game. The map contains a group of islands, resembling the northwestern coastal waters of the United Kingdom. The location’s central element is its two islands, divided by a strait. You will be able to play this map at Tiers VI–X in two modes: Standard Battle and Domination.

Several Premium ships will be added to the game client for limited testing, meaning you might spot a certain ship in game that is not yet available to you. The most renowned of them – the Japanese battleship Mikasa – will become the first battleship available at Tier II. Her key advantages are relatively powerful Main Battery HE shells, thick armor, high accuracy and favourable matchmaking.

Update 0.4.0 also follows up on an introduction of an anti-teamkill system with a “compliments and reports” feature that will allow you thank another player for good play, as well as report any unsportsmanlike or toxic behavior in case of a conflict. There is more, but we chose to highlight only the really major features in this article. We hope you like the changes and all the new features that are coming into World of Warships – rest assured that we are far from over.

See you! Source: wows portal