The WoWS CBT Reward is the Arkansas Battleship (with pictures)

This tier IV ship will be a reward to all the players who participated in the Closed Beta Test and fought more than 50 battles. The wipe will come soon™!

Official WG post:


The Closed Beta Test will be undergoing another round of wipes very soon as we take one step closer to Open Beta and the eventual release of World of Warships. To create fair conditions for everyone who will join after the start of Open Beta, all progress will be removed, such as credits earned and ships purchased.

However, there are significant benefits to those who have participated actively in the testing. Here are the following benefits of your labour to reap:

  • Account Level will be partially restored based on the number of battles you fought.
  • Signal flags will be partially restored based on the number of battles you fought.
  • Two experienced commanders will await you in your port with a certain amount of free skills. This amount is dependent on your participation in the testing phase. These commanders will be at your service on Tier I US and IJN vessels until an appropriate account level is unlocked. At that point you can retain these two gentlemen to command any ship you desire for free.

Note: Contents of any purchased pre-order packages will be invoiced to your account after the wipe, as previously stated in the package description and on our portal. Iwaki Alpha will be restored to your port if you received this ship for your participation in the Closed Alpha phase. Please note that you will receive only the ship – modifications and crew will be wiped.

CBT Reward: USS Arkansas

Being a Beta Tester is all about sticking with the game for the long haul, and we’re fortunate to have some very loyal players with us while we tighten the screws and polish the game in time for release.

To reward those of you who have been sailing the seas and battling online foes throughout the Closed Beta, all players that have participated in at least 50 battles will receive the USS Arkansas, a unique warship not available anywhere else.

USS Arkansas is one of the brightest examples of U.S. battleships. While having relatively a low speed of travel and firing range, Arkansas is characterized by good manoeuvrability, well-armoured citadel, and an anti-torpedo defense system. She is equipped with anti-aircraft armaments and multiple primary guns. Not only that, the ship will also be painted in a unique camouflage scheme to make it stand out whenever it leaves your port.

While we can’t tell you exactly how much time you still have to achieve the set goals, rest assured we are giving you enough time to do so and we’ll let you know the exact end date at a later time.