Patch Notes explained

 (source: WoWS portal)

We are taking an in-depth look at the recent patch notes with Danny Volkov, World of Warships’ Development Director.


No significant changes have been made to movement during this mini update.

Movement of destroyers have been readjusted a little, turning at full speed should remain the same or only be slightly altered. However at half speed, destroyers are now more sensitive to turning and the circulation at that speed is around 15-20% less.

Acceleration time of ships has been slightly decreased, e.g. battleships now need 3 – 5 seconds more to achieve full speed.

Aircraft carriers:

With this mini update, we are still trying to find the right balance for aircraft carriers in the game. American aircraft carriers will be improved and top Japanese aircraft carriers will be slightly strengthened.

The damage inflicted per battle of American aircraft carriers of lower tiers will increase slightly, due to the fact aircraft carriers Langley, Bogue, Independence and Ranger will get more powerful bombs and torpedoes.

Maximum damage change:

Top Bogue / stock Independence. Was 5900, now is 8500 for a torpedo; (including stock Bogue) was 3300, now is 5400 for a bomb.

Top Independence / Ranger /stock Lexington. Was 8500, now is 9867 for a torpedo; was 5400, now is 7500 for a bomb.

Top Japanese aircraft carriers, on the other hand, can currently deliver shattering torpedo blows, and are able to kill almost any ship in the game in one attack, even if the ship is led by a more experienced player. This doesn’t seem very fair to us and gets a lot of negative comments too. Therefore, aircraft carriers Shokaku, Taihō and Hakuryu had their top torpedoes changed, which means they now do less damage.


One of the new additions to the 031 version was a Japanese Tier IX battleship, Izumo, which is less effective that its famous American counterpart, Iowa. Therefore, to even the odds and increase the effectiveness of this battleship, its towers turnaround will be faster; it’s now 40 seconds to turn 180 degrees.

Secondary artillery operating range for this battleship also has been increased to 7 km. That same secondary artillery will be moved to the Yamato.

More about battleships… Actually, more about AP shells:

Armour plating penetration margin has been decreased from 20 caliber to 14.3.

What does it mean? What kind of problems will we be able to resolve with this fix?

As you may already know, 031 update redesigned the mechanics of armour. This caused a sharp increase in the armour value and significantly increased the number of ricochets for AP shells. In the last update, we changed the angle of the guaranteed ricochet slightly – after that change AP shells effectiveness increased. But we think that there’s more to do. The less than desirable effectiveness of the AP shells is clearly displayed when large caliber shells ricochet from relatively weak armoured cruisers. We often have a situation where cruisers get rowdy and go for battleships first, completely fearless of their big brothers, and shoot them down without worrying about the proper projection of their ship.

After we implement the new update, there’s going to be less of these ricochets. Battleships will now crush the bow part and detonate on the bulkheads of the ship. Therefore, chances for the shells to explode inside the ship’s hull will increase significantly, as will hits to the citadel, when shooting with large caliber AP shells at the enemy located in the bow projection.

Therefore, battleships large caliber AP shells should now become effective enough against cruisers and same tier battleships lower tier battleships facing you in the bow projection.


In this version, Conquest mode was added on the Fault Line map in test mode.

What is Conquest mode?

It is a new game mode based on the existing mechanics. In this mode, victory is achieved by scoring points (or destroying all the enemy ships, of course), similar to the Domination mode. However, there is no paid reward for ship destruction and checkpoints are set up like the bases in the Standard Battle mode. Their capture is critical and they are really hard to conquer. The most important thing in Conquest mode is to remember that even an attempt to capture the base creates a real advantage over the enemy, because the accumulation of points for checkpoint retention freezes while trying to capture it.

Why should we implement this mode?

  • To spice up the gameplay at high tiers (VI and above)
  • To get rid of boring endings and feeling of hopelessness 4 minutes before the end of the battle, when no one thinks about taking the base
  • To experiment with Standard Battles

How will this mode be available?

The Conquest mode will be available to play on the Fault Line map for battles of Tier VI and above.

How will we decide to leave this mode in or not?

The decision to implement the mode on other maps will be based on players’feedback and game statistics.