WoWS Patchnotes

In this update, we are adding a brand new game mode called Conquest, slightly changing the movement dynamics of ships and squashing bugs. More info below!

Patch notes:

The patch is scheduled for June 12 and will be applied on the servers from 05:00 till 06:30 CEST during which the game server will be offline. Thank you for understanding.

New “Conquest” game mode added:

  • Tier V-X battles
  • Fault Line Map (only)
  • The decision to implement the mode on other maps will be based on players’ feedback and game statistics.
  • Mechanics: Similar to Domination mode, but points are acquired ONLY by area control.
  • Destruction of enemy ships does not influence the amount of VPs.

Movement Dynamic changes:

  • Destroyers: Turning dynamic slightly changed. Turn radius for full speed remains unchanged (more or less); For reduced speed turn radii are slightly reduced.
  • Ship acceleration and deceleration changed.
  • Acceleration to full speed is now slower overall.
  • Deceleration remains unchanged, but it will now be affected by Upgrade influencing acceleration.


  • Fixed a bug causing the client to crash at the attempt to re-login into the game, if the player was in the battle and in the squad before disconnect.
  • Fixed a bug making the line “The ship is in Battle…” sometimes appear when leaving the battle, and the ship could have been selected as an active.
  • Fixed a bug causing a long loading time for the North map on certain computer configurations.
  • Fixed a bug causing client to crash when the player tries to click  “Yes” button several times  to confirm purchase of the ship, experience transfer, purchase of the slot, sale of the ship or exchange of gold to credits.
  • Fixed a bug causing abnormal aircraft torpedoes course trajectory at automatic torpedo attack in some cases (for example when attacked from the front of the attacked ship).
  • Fixed a bug that caused ship geometry artifacts to appear as oddly shaped objects (usually grey).

Damage of bombs and torpedoes increased for US aircraft carriers.
Top Bogue / Stock Independence:

  • Torpedo damage increased from 5900 to 8500
  • Bomb damage increased from 3300 to 5400

Top Independence / Ranger / Stock Lexington:

  • Torpedo damage increased from 8500 to 9867
  • Bomb damage increased from 5400 to 7500

Stock Hakuryu: One torpedo squadron replaced by a bomber squadron

Please note that Taiho, Hakuruyu and Ishizuchi are currently being tested and are available only to a limited amount of players.

  • Torpedo damage for carriers Shokaku, Taiho, Hakuryu decreased from 10700 to 8567
  • Turret rotation speed of battleship Izumo increased to 4.5 degrees per sec
  • Secondary battery range for battleships Izumo and Yamato increased to 7 km
  • Turret rotation speed increased and main caliber gun spread decreased for battleship Ishizuchi
  • Reduced battle level spread for the battleship Ishizuchi (should meet Tiers IV-V)
  • Decreased percentage of ricochets of large-caliber (battleship main battery) projectiles
  • In “Conquest” added clarification on the loading screen, regarding amount of points given for base capture
  • Fixed text appears as technical information (localization identifiers)