Italian WoWS Tech Tree Part 11 – Premium Cruisers

Author: Daemon93 (EU WoWS Supertester)




The Etna-class was a pair of light cruisers originally designed for the Thai Navy(Taksin and Naresuan). The two were requisitioned in 1942 by the Regia Marina and totally redesigned to change them in light cruisers with a heavy focus in AAA. During the Armistice they were 60% completed, captured by Germans and scuttled.

Technical data

Standard displacement: 5900 tons

Full load displacement: 6533 tons

Length: 141 m(water line), 153.8 m(overall length)

Beam: 14.5 m

Draught: 5.95

Installed power: 40000 hp

Maximum speed: 28 knots

Protection: 60 mm(belt), 35 – 20 mm(deck), 20 mm(turrets), 60 mm(CT)

Armament: 3×2 135/45, 10×1 65/64, 10×2 20/65



The UP.90 was originally a pocket battleship, modified to be a light cruiser(i may consider the original UP.90 eventually but with the German counterpart at tier IV of the BB line i prefer not, at least for now). She’ll be placed at the same tier of Condottieri V/VI with some advantages(better secondary and AAA) and disadvantages(one less gun in a broadside, less powerful machinery and a lighter displacement which should translate in less HP). Sadly i don’t have data on her protection, i’ll update ASAP.

Technical data

Standard displacement: 8000 tons

Full load displacement: 9200 tons

Length: 176 m(overall length)

Beam: 19 m

Draught: 5.6 m

Installed power: 60.000 hp

Maximum speed: 30 knots

Protection: //(to be updated)

Armament: 3×3 152/55, 6×2 100/47, 8×37/54(most likely 4×2), 16×20/65(most likely 8×2), 2×3 533 mm TT