500 Gold and 1 day premium bonus code giveaway – OVER

This is an official WGL celebratory giveaway, for which you need to complete social actions to get tickets. Don’t cry foul please, cause it is official and endorsed by WarGaming through WGL, but as it’s free stuff it’s quite normal that they look for your data and whatnot.

There is a draw, and winners will receive 500 gold and 1-day Premium bonus codes by e-mail. So make sure you know what e-mail you use for Facebook if you decide to register with FB.

Official rules:

Winners will be selected randomly on April 22nd 12pm PST and then emailed a code that contains 500 gold and 1 day of premium. These codes have a limit of one per account and are limited to North American and European accounts. These codes expire on May 1st.

Make sure to get some refferals too in order to increase your chances of winning!

The link: http://splur.gy/r/lJdD0/r/2YyV48yrKdP

It is now over.