Stuff to be included in the 0.3.1 patch of WoWS

Sorry guys for not posting earlier. I am quite busy, but in about 2 months everything will get back to normal.  And more, Tank Tales will come every Saturday (the guy who makes them is busy because of the same reason as me).

So – this is something really nice from Reddit (more specifically, from senaya, thank you!) to make up (edited by me to make it more readable):

Just giving you a small translated taste till you get an official announcement ;3

!! — Keep in mind this is NOT a patch note — !!

Flags that give different bonuses ranging from +50% exp to +5% speed. They will be obtainable during missions once per day and only available for 1 single battle. It seems that you can stack them for later use though.

Achievements. Yep, they are coming. By the way, you will get flags for completing these achievements once per day, too.

New map for high tier ships:

…Yeah. I hate rocks! 😛

Check out the shallow (transparent) waters that are being worked on (this is not implemented yet):

Ship changes:

  • Kitakami gets a smokescreen;
  • Yamato reloads fater;
  • Mogami and Myoko switch places in the research tree;
  • Senjo renamed to Zao, gets more HP and faster reload speed;
  • Baltimore reloads faster;

Other changes:

  • Planes without payload will return to their CV faster (because not that heavy, duh);
  • Recon planes now cover bigger distances;
  • Torpedoes are less visible from the planes;
  • Ibuki, Senjo, Baltimore and Des Moines get HP recover skill just like BBs;
  • Armour will play bigger role for CLs and BBs;
  • AP shells are overused, so HE shell damage will be buffed;
  • Ship movement changed, it will now be more individual for each ship;
  • Some ships get new gun sounds;

Regarding teamkillers:
They will now pay for repairs from their cash and later on, if they won’t stop, their nickname will be painted pink. (Seb: LOL) This means that with each friendly hit he gets the same amount of damage autmatically for himself. Each time, self inflicted damage will be increased until he gets banned. If the teamkiller stops at some point, his karma will get back to normal in time.

Regarding mods:
Devs will add encryption script protection, so all of the older mods won’t work anymore. They are going to work with every modder individually to give them access for client modding. — this is good and bad at the same time, imo

Forgot to add, oficially Japanese CVs and American BBs are coming too.