WoWS EU Server Pre-Order CBT Access now available

There you go:


Due to a very high level of community feedback on the subject, all Premium Ship pre-order packages now contain access to the World of Warships Closed Beta Test (CBT).

Anyone who has already purchased a Premium Ship package will also receive access to the test.

Important! Only packages containing Premium Ships will include access to the CBT. We also reserve the right to remove CBT access from the pre-order packages in the future in line with our internal requirements for the number of testers.

Bundles are available for purchase in the World of Warships section of the Premium Shop. In order to purchase your pre-order bundle and find information on how long these bundles are available for, follow the link below:


Pretty cool, now the WoWS streamers will have no more views 😀

Source: WoWS portal