Revamp in the Team Battle system

So, something useful recently was posted on the World of Tanks EU portal (finally). It seems that the developers have prepared for the 0.9.7 update a new system that enables players to create their own team with custom name and logo that they can use to partake in the team battles mode, officially.

Teams range from 4 to 12 players (they will be permanent as well) and like League of Legends, they will be categorized on leagues.

There will be six leagues, each will consist of 4 divisions. To have your team promoted, you must reach a number of points. Or, if you’re unfortunate enough, you can be demoted if you go below 30 points (it’s probably a placeholder, it may be changed later).

Team Battles will now work on seasons. Once the season ends, your team’s rank will be reset – which means a new adventure shall begin!

I think this is a good initiative from Wargaming that encourages team play and tactics, although it’s a bit ‘inspired’ from Riot’s way of doing things. You can check the full article here, on the EU portal.